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I greatly look forward to looking over your chart and producing a reading for you. Please enter any specific details or questions in the last box if you have any and I’ll do my best to get to address them. Readings are currently donation-based (instructions will be included in reading email). Please come back after receiving your reading to leave feedback; it would be greatly appreciated and help this service improve. Once submitting your information, you will receive your written reading by email within 1 week.

What to expect from a Natal Chart Reading:
– General Personality and Dominant Elements
– Introversion vs. Extroversion, Private vs. Public, Others-focused vs. Self-focused
– General Life Focus
– Biggest Wound (and Biggest Lesson to teach others to overcome)
– Area where deep karma is and greater responsibility is needed for evolution
– Greatest Blessings

What to expect from a Relationship Compatibility Reading:
– Purpose of the relationship
– Longevity
– Core Challenges
– Shared Gifts
– Overall Harmony

What to expect from a Transit and Forecast Reading:
– Important Transits
– Eclipse Season
– Current Life Themes
– Lunar and Solar return (month and year ahead)